“Melt” Content Strategy Treatment

by Quinn XCII


Create a series of 10-15 vertical vignettes for social platforms, utilizing a more dynamic, accessible, and engaging approach than a traditional music video. The goal is to maximize reach and engagement while developing a style and tone that’s consistent with the “Lunch” EP era. This format requires lower production effort but yields higher interaction.

Concept Overview

Each vignette will capture moments from late morning through golden hour, reflecting the theme of the EP "Lunch". These snippets will feature Quinn XCII performing "Melt" in various daytime settings.

Visual Style #1 - Simple Lifestyle

(Example below)

Some vignettes will be shot using a simple setup with the camera locked off on a tripod with minimal motion, capturing each scene in a single, continuous clip with minimal editing. This consistent shooting style will emphasize the natural feel. Some assets can overlay lyrics.

Visual Style #2 - Split Screen

(Example below)

Some vignettes will feature a more dynamic visual style, incorporating a split screen to enhance storytelling and engagement. This technique will have Mike performing on one side of the split, and different detail / environment shots on the other.

Visual Style #3 - Clean Studio Space

(Example below)

Selected vignettes will be filmed in a clean, controlled studio environment, providing a stark contrast in the rollout. This style will focus on crisp visuals, clean lighting, and a seamless background. This footage can be cut up in various formats (example below), and even used alongside the lifestyle footage from the other vignettes.

Vignette Examples

Once we are setup at each location, we can film 1-10 vignettes of different angles and to different parts of the song. This will give us a wide variation of content / song snippets to use in the rollout. We can also get more detail shots without the track (like static environment shots) that can be used to tease the song in the style of the content leading up to the release.

We will also capture still photos, that can be formatted and used with the footage.

Vignette 1: Lunch Picnic in the Park
  • Location: Green city park during late morning / afternoon.
  • Action: Mike performing as friends / band are in the background.
  • Visual Style: Natural, earthy tones with a casual, relaxed feel. Consistent static shot approach.

Vignette 2: Drive-Thru Order
  • Location: A fast-food drive-thru.
  • Action: Mike ordering / waiting in the drive-thru as he performs "Melt."
  • Visual Style: Casual and engaging filmed from the passenger seat. Simple, single-shot filming.

Vignette 3: Car Hood  Lunch
  • Location: A parking lot with a scenic view in the background.
  • Action: After the drive-thru, Mike eats the food and performs "Melt”.
  • Visual Style: Relaxed, utilizing natural lighting and focusing on Mike’s performance.

Vignette 4: Pool Party
  • Location: Pool party during midday.
  • Action: Mike and band performs "Melt" with party attendees in the background.
  • Visual Style: Vibrant colors. Consistent tripod shot, minimal editing.

Vignette 5: In-Studio Performance
  • Location: Minimalist studio with a clean backdrop.
  • Action: Mike and band performing "Melt"
  • Visual Style: Clean, seamless studio look.

Vignette 6: Backyard Laundry Lines
  • Setting: Backyard, featuring laundry lines.
  • Action: Mike performs "Melt".
  • Visual Style: Earthy and homely, utilizing natural lighting to create a warm tone. The camera remains static on a tripod, minimal editing to maintain the authentic, laid-back vibe of the setting.

Vignette 7: Home Kitchen Lunch
  • Setting: Golden well-lit home kitchen.
  • Action: Mike is seen making a sandwich or a simple lunch, while performing “Melt”.
  • Visual Style: Warm and inviting. The camera is locked off on a tripod.